Product Dimensions

  • Suitable for ages 2-6 years – maximum weight 25 kg
  • Durable Puncture Free Float
  • Made from Foam


The Zoggs Kids’ Lightweight and Comfortable Float Discs is designed to operate as a flotation device for children whilst at the same time providing your child with enough freedom to enable them to improve their swimming techniques.

The standardised inflatable arm bands or swimming rings can often be bulky and although they will work with regard to their primary function of keeping your child afloat they do hinder your child’s ability to work on improving their swimming technique. Whereas the float discs still offer your child the freedom to move their arms and work on improving their technique whilst providing the reassurance of keeping them safe.

As the float disc is made out of foam it is very durable whereas the inflatable arm bands or float ring has the potential to puncture or deflate. The float disc is designed for children ranging from ages of 2 to 6 and the four disc design allows for your child to develop over a period. It is recommended that a child begins with all four discs and gradually downgrades to two discs as they become more confident in the water.

Product Features

The Zoggs Kids’ Lightweight and Comfortable Float Discs is circular in design and lightweight plus it is unlikely to take up too much room in your suitcase. There is an inner blue material allows the discs to comfortably fit various sizes. The product is durable and can withstand some punishment both in and out of the water before you will notice any wear and tear.


  • The Float Discs do not fit as tightly as the regular inflatable armband. Although this will mean that your child is likely to be more comfortably using this product, it does mean that they are also going to be capable of removing them from their own arms.
  • The design is more for practicality rather than engaging directly with a child like a superhero themed armband would do.


The pro’s for the Zoggs Kids’ Lightweight and Comfortable Float Discs far outweigh the cons if you are looking for a product which will keep your child safe when swimming as well as developing their technique, improving their confidence and providing them with the independence to swim on their own.

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