If you are looking for a mega city to visit with your family then New York City may just be right up your street. With a population of more than 8 million people, New York is the most populated city in the United States and at more than 300 square miles New York has more attractions to see than many small countries.

Skyline from Brooklyn Bridge

In the following article we will be looking at some of the must see attractions to visit with your family and how to enjoy many of them with Top View, New York City.

Must See Attractions to Visit in New York

New York is made of up many districts all of which have many attractions for you to visit. Below we are going to look at our must see 7 attractions when visiting New York City.

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is an iconic figure which dominates the skyline of Liberty Island in New York. The statue was a gift from the French in 1886 and over the years has become an iconic symbol of freedom.

There are many potentially exciting activities to take advantage of when visiting the Statue of Liberty including climbing the equivalent of 20 storeys to the crown of the monument for a small additional fee or you can explore the pedestal at the foot of the monument.

There is also the Ellis Island Museum to explore where you can learn more about the founding fathers of the United States.

Liberty Island can only be accessed by ferry and tickets are available to purchase online or from Statue Cruises inside Castles Cruises in Battery Park.

Times Square

Often the backdrop of many major movie, Times Square is most probably the most iconic square in the world. Situated within walking distance of Central Park and Broadway in Midtown Manhattan, Times Square is an amazing place to visit just watch the world go by and stare around in amazement at all the neon signs and billboards on offer.

It is worth noting that there are also some billboards which are interactive and it is possible that you may see your face appear on one of the many billboards around you if you are eagle eyed.

With over 131 million visitors a year, Times Square is a fantastic place to grab a bite to eat, purchase your show tickets or collect that must have souvenir.

Empire State Building

If you are looking for amazing panoramic views of the New York skyline then a trip to the Empire State Building is a must on any trip to New York city.

Famed in films such as King Kong, Independence Day and Elf the Empire State Building has 2 observation decks on the 86th and 102nd floor which is the highest observation deck in New York.

Audio guides are available in 9 languages and to save time queuing and on costs it is recommended that you purchase your tickets prior to your visit.

Brooklyn Bridge

The awe-inspiring Brooklyn Bridge connects Brooklyn to Manhattan. It is one of the oldest suspension. At over 6,000 feet in length the Brooklyn Bridge supports cars, trains, pedestrians and cyclists.

The Brooklyn Bridge is a great place to visit at sunset to take in amazing views of Manhattan, Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn.

9/11 Memorial and Museum

The 9/11 Memorial and Museum is a poignant museum situated at the former site of the Twin Towers. The 9/11 Memorial and Museum honours the lives of those tragically killed in the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Tickets for the museum can be purchased online up to 6 months ahead of your visit and children under the age of 7 are admitted for free.

Central Park

Situated in Manhattan, Central Park is the most visited public park in the United States. Central Park is a great place to visit to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and who knows you may even recognise a few sites from famous movies.

Entry to the park is free however there will be additional charges should you wish to hire a paddle boat, visit a museum or  enjoy a visit to Central Park Zoo.


No trip to New York would be complete without a stroll down the world-famous Broadway. Here you will see will be flanked by theatres showing the latest musicals and shows.

The best place to find cheap tickets is to visit TDF’s TCKT Booth in Duffy Square or purchase your tickets in advance online which can quite often come with a discount.

Getting Around New York with Topview Sightseeing

The great thing about many of the attractions listed above is that many are free to enter and the cost of visiting others is relatively low. However, as you would expect from such a vast city there are many attractions to visit and locating them all can at times be quite difficult.

When visiting a major city such as New York for the first time especially with family, it can often be beneficial to take a tour of the city to get your bearings. This can be quite cost saving in the long run as it saves you constantly spending on public transport as you go backwards and forwards.

At Topview Sightseeing you get the opportunity to see the whole of New York including all the major attractions by taking advantage of one or all of the following routes:

  • Downtown Route – Includes stops for Empire State Building, Battery Park for Statue of Liberty and Chinatown
  • Uptown & Harlem Tour – Includes stops for Central Park and Harlem
  • Brooklyn Tour – Includes great views of Manhattan, Barclay Center and Prospect Park
  • Bronx Tour – Includes the Yankee Stadium and General Grant National Memorial
  • Night Tour – Includes Times Square, Greenwich Village and Little Italy

All tours operate a hop on hop off service therefore if you pass by an attraction that you would like to see then you are more than welcome to disembark the bus to have a good look round and rejoin at a later time.

Tour Tickets available range from 24 hour passes to 5 day passes and the audio guide can be enjoyed in 10 languages. Therefore your trip will also be educational and informative.

If you are after a more leisurely pace of life when visiting New York then why not enjoy views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty on a Liberty Cruise which is also offered by Top View. Please also note that significant savings can be made by purchasing in advance.

Of course there are other ways to navigate your way round New York city and two of the most popular is to enjoy a ride in a local yellow taxi or you can enjoy a ride on the Subway.

If you do plan to use either taxi’s or public transport in New York it is well worth planning your route in advance so as not to waste any time which could be spent admiring the many attractions on offer.

How to Save Money Visiting New York Attractions

When planning a trip to a major city such as New York there are many ways which you can save money ahead of your trip. The first thing to do once your flights and accommodation is booked is to research what attractions you wish to visit on your trip.

Time Square

From here you can then start to plot how you can save money on each attraction you wish to visit. For example if you wish to visit the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building then savings can be made by purchasing tickets online in advance.

There are many sites which can assist you in getting cheaper admission to some of the major attractions in New York and a few are listed below:

  • AttractionTicketsDirect.co.uk – Savings can be made on many attractions and shows
  • New York Pass.com – Save money on visiting major attractions by purchasing a 3, 5 or 7 day pass
  • Visit Direct Websites – By visiting the direct websites and signing up to the mailing lists of the attractions you wish you can often make significant savings
  • Top View Sightseeing – Savings of up to 60% can be achieved on tours around the city

As you can see from above there are significant savings which can achieved when you visit New York as long as you carry out your research and plan ahead.

Staying in New York and Getting There

New York is served by 3 major airports (JFK, Newark and La Guardia) who all provide good links to the city. You will quite often be able to find a good deal on flights to New York dependent on the time of year you fly and how far in advance you book by using a good flight comparison website.

==============>For further details on how to find a cheap flight to New York, Click Here<=================

Once you have arrived in New York you will no doubt wish to find your accommodation. The accommodation you book will be dependent on your budget, what type of accommodation you wish to stay in, how close you want to stay to the major attractions and most importantly whether you can find a good deal for you and your family.

When looking for a hotel you are always best checking flight comparison websites such as Trivago to find the best deals available whereas if you would prefer your own space by renting your own apartment then you may wish to compare available accommodation at somewhere like Homeandaway.co.uk.

Why Should I visit New York

New York is a city like no other and is well worth a visit at least once in a lifetime, there is so much to see and do that you will find the whole family is captivated from dawn to dusk. The key to a memorable visit to a place like New York is to plan your trip thoroughly.

Bridge in Central Park

Firstly you must decide when you would ideally like to visit and book yourself the best available deal you can find. From there you should decide what you would like to visit as a family and then plan how you are going to it. If when planning your trip to New York you are still unsure what you would like to visit then why not organise a hop on hop off bus tour with Top View and take in all the sites which will assist you in finding your bearings.

If you have any comments or queries regarding the above article then please them below and we will endeavour to come back to you.

One thought on “Top View, New York City – Money Saving Ideas for the Family

  1. Jay says:

    There are some places that I must visit before I become very old and one of those places is New York City. I have heard a lot about it and some of the nice attractions to visit that would make your journey worth a while. Some of the places that you listed, I have only heard about them and wondered how they would actually look when I visit them in person. It would be a great feeling.

    I heard that New York is an expensive place. Would I be able to get a cheap accommodation to rent at least the few days I decide to spend there?

    1. Richard Leaver says:

      Thank you for comments Jay,

      The closer you are to the major attractions the more expensive accommodation is likely to be however if you are stay on the outskirts you will find that accommodation is much cheaper. 

      There may also be an option to rent an apartment for duration of your stay and the benefits of doing this can be found by reading our article by clicking here.

  2. Yormith96 says:

    Interesting post about New York City, I have always loved to visit NYC right from time, interesting thing I’d love to see most in the NYC is the Statue of Liberty, reading through your article made me realize it was gifted to NYC by the French, that’s so amazing to know, I might have argued until I have to do little finding and absolutely correct, thanks for adding to my knowledge and I will check out Topview as well

    1. Richard Leaver says:

      Thank you for your comments Yormith, New York is an amazing city where there is so much to see and learn.

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