Many families when planning to travel abroad for their next holidays have one major obstacle to overcome when looking at the viability of going somewhere and choosing which destination to travel to. That obstacle is of course the cost of getting there and now there is a product called The Travel Hacker’s Toolkit – Luxury Travel On A Poor Man’s Budget which is claiming to enable you to find the cheapest available flight every time.

Airport Decision Making

Cost of Flying

Flying can be an expensive business at the best of times but when travelling with your family it can be even more expensive as not only are you multiplying the cost of travelling per family member but you will also have to potentially reserve an additional seat, pay for additional luggage as well as potentially purchase on board snacks for each member of your family.

Therefore if you haven’t found a great deal on the price of flight to start with then you are quickly going to be eating into your holiday budget.

Obtaining Cheap Flights

The key to obtaining cheap flights is planning and research as it is with all other aspects of your holiday planning. There are around 93,000 flights a day from 9,000 airports therefore when it comes to planning cheap flights you should begin by looking at all the airlines that fly on your viable route.

The more flexible you can be on dates or even which airport you fly from and to will also greatly affect the cost of your airfare. Research on comparison sites such as Skyscanner can be a great place to start when looking to research the cost of flights.

On Skyscanner you will have the option to be as flexible as you wish when selecting flights as you have the ability to be as vague or as detailed as you wish with your research. For example if I wanted to take my family holiday to Benidorm in Spain, I could select my Departure Airport as United Kingdom and Destination as Spain or if I wanted to be particular I could select Leeds Bradford Airport to Alicante.

If I was flexible on dates I could also select the whole month option, for example choosing September and then choose whether you want to fly direct or not. Please note that it is usually cheaper if you are prepared to make connecting flights for example if I flew from United Kingdom to Spain it may cheaper if I go on a flight to Ireland first before getting a connecting flight to Spain.

Once you have a list of flight prices you can then start to narrow down your search until you find your most convenient airport to depart from and to on the most suitable date at the best price available.

The Travel Hacker’s Toolkit

If time is not of the essence and for an experts guide on how to learn to continually locate cheap flights as well as gaining a greater understanding of how airlines come up with their pricing strategies then The Travel Hackers Toolkit maybe the perfect product for you. Founded by Dane Homenick who is also the founder of Journo, this product will show you how to locate the cheapest available flight every time.

Featuring on sites such as Forbes, Gadget Flow and Huffington Post, The Travel Hackers Toolkit promises to give you access to the number 1 baseline tool to find cheap flights. Below is an example of what deals you can expect to find from the Travel Hacker’s Toolkit:

Here’s an example of a return flight from Portland to Berlin. On one of the big online flight hubs that rave about having the “cheapest fares around,” you get this price:

Researching at the exact same time, for an EVEN BETTER ROUTE, on the exact same dates, our #1 Go-To “baseline” tool would keep $253.50 in your pocket:


As you can see from the above if you are travelling with a family of four then it is possible that you would have saved over $1,000.00 which is a significant contribution to your spending money when you finally reach your destination.

Research is Key

As mentioned above research is key when looking at the best available flight and more than 25% of people spend in excess of 10 hours researching all available flights before making a booking. The only downside to carrying out your own research is that if you don’t book immediately the flight prices are going to fluctuate and the closer you get to your holiday the likelihood is that the cost of your holiday will increase.

By purchasing The Travel Hacker’s Toolkit you can minimise the time spent researching by utilising their expertise. By signing up to The Travel Hacker’s Toolkit you will learn and get access to the following:

  • The BIGGEST reason why you overpay for flights and how to NEVER do it again (HINT: Mess this up and your bank account will feel it)
  • How to exploit the ’54-Day Rule’ and international ‘Best Booking Dates’to your advantage
  • Our little-known tool for finding your “baseline”
  • The THREE days of the week you MUST try to book your departure on(we’re even going to show you the best days for different destinations)
  • How to ‘Go Incognito’ and HIDE your search history
  • Our TWO favorite alert services so you can sit back and watch Netflix as price drops come to you (both are FREE)
  • The QUICKEST way to cross-check for “low-ticket” airlines that most aggregators don’t scan
  • Our #1 tool for getting refunded if your ticket price drops
  • Our custom ‘Pre-Booking Checklist,’ tailored for domestic or international flights
  • The ‘Price Tracker Worksheet’ so you can more easily monitor your low prices prior to booking

Is it worth purchasing The Travel Hackers Toolkit

As with most things in life the proof of the pudding is in the eating. If you are fed up of overpaying for flights for your entire family whilst continually hearing what great deals other people are getting then for a small outlay you haven’t got much to lose.

For $7 you’ll get instant access to the plan with the promise of an unbeatable 60-day money back guarantee. As shown with the example above you could potentially save a lot of money on your next flight for the cost of a pint of beer in London.

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