Whether you live in the United States or thinking of planning your next holiday in the States then hiring an RV for your next vacation could just be the dream ticket you have been looking.

Hiring an RV provides you with an opportunity to live like a luxurious snail as you hit the great open road with your home for your vacation in tow. Therefore, if you are interested in RV Holidays in America which will offer you a sense of adventure, independence and something a little different then read on.

RV at Night

What is an RV

In simple terms an RV or as its otherwise known a Recreational Vehicle is a motor vehicle with a home attached to it. Dependent on the style of RV you hire you can expect to find all the amenities you would expect to find at home including bedrooms, kitchen, living area and in some instances a bathroom,

Benefits of Holidaying in an RV

If you are thinking of hiring an RV for your next trip then you can expect to experience many unique adventures compared to booking a 2 week all-inclusive in the sun or travelling from hotel to hotel with your bags packed in the back of a car.

Sense of Adventure

Hiring an RV provides you with an amazing opportunity to excitedly jump out of bed every day with the potential to head to a brand new destination or if you are enjoying where you are currently located then there is an option to stay exactly where you are.

Having the independence of hiring an RV allows you the flexibility to go where you want when you want. If you are on the open road and come across somewhere of interest which you fancy exploring further then you have the option to stop off and explore further.

The same applies if you arrive at a destination that you love. Normally when planning a holiday you would book your accommodation in advance therefore when it comes to the check out date you have no alternative but to move to your next destination. However, when hiring an RV you’ll have the flexibility to stay for as long or as little as you like at a destination.

Cost Efficient

Hiring an RV can actually be a cost-efficient way to spend your vacation. As once, you have budgeted for your hiring of the RV and fuel costs, the rest of your trip can be as cheap or expensive as you wish.

Accommodation can be extremely cheap and occasionally free dependent on where you park up for the evening and living costs can be just the same as at home as all of your amenities are built within your accommodation. This is fantastic if you are travelling with children as you can take along their favourite foods instead of making an outlay on food they potentially not like in restaurants.

Children Will Love It

Lets be honest, what child (or adult) is not going to love hiring a vehicle which is also their home for the duration of their vacation. Within an RV they can play with their favourite toys, watch television, explore or just chill on their tablets whilst constantly seeing something new as you travel around the country.

As you will potentially be stopping at many campsites there will be plenty of opportunity to socialise with other families and explore the great outdoors.

Independence of a Motorhome

Hiring an RV with RVshare.com

RVshare is the largest RV rental market place in the whole of the United States. No matter which state you plan on visiting or departing from there will be an RV available which is suitable for you and your family.

At RVShare you can search which is the most suitable type of RV for you and your family such as choosing from the following options:

  • Travel Trailer – Great option for more amenities and provides an option for a second car
  • Fifth Wheel – Another trailer to be towed by a vehicle which has an overbed hitch and can have as many as five slide outs
  • Class A Motorhome – The luxury high end of the motor home world is the Class A Motorhome often coming with full size amenities this is the way to really live a luxury lifestyle
  • Class C Motorhome – One of the more popular budgets, here you can enjoy many of the features of a Class A Motorhome at a lower price

Once you have decided on the type of RV you wish to hire you can then search for the availability of RV’s in the area of the country you wish to hire from. At RVshare.com there is a great feature where you can locate each RV on a map so that you can clearly navigate your way to your pick up point.

Other features with RVshare.com include:

  • An overview of the RV you wish to hire including all dimensions, photos, amenities and details of who the vehicle would be suitable for.
  • Rates to hire the vehicle for the intended time of your trip and confirmation of availability.
  • Reviews from people offering their experiences who have previously hired the RV you are looking at
  • If having reviewed the vehicle you have still have queries which are unanswered then there is an option to ask questions of the owner

Another fantastic feature of RVshare.com is that there is a tool which will assist with the planning of your trip. Here you can choose what type of RV you wish to hire, where you want to pick it up from, type of budget you have and once, you have chosen your preferred options, RVshare will assist in finding the most suitable for you and your family.

At RVshare you hire RV’s from RV owners all around the country. Everything is completed through a secure payment system and there are thousands of five star reviews from many satisfied customers and finally if you are thinking of bringing your pets along you will be able to search for RV’s which are most suitable for pets.

Costs to Factor in When Hiring an RV

When hiring an RV there are several costs to factors to consider when budgeting for your trip. Like when you hire a car you will have to consider insurance and fuel costs however as an RV is also likely to be your home for the duration of your trip then there are other types of costs to consider including:

  • RV cost per day – It is important to bear in mind the cost per day includes your accommodation for the night therefore when comparing whether to hire an RV it is worth considering whether it is comparable to what the cost of accommodation and car hire would be per day if hired separately.
  • Insurance – there will be insurance costs to consider when hiring an RV.
  • Fuel – It should go without saying that if you are planning to travel around in your RV that there will be the cost of fuel to consider. It is worth noting that as a rule of thumb the larger the vehicle you hire the higher the fuel costs.
  • Campground Fees – When travelling in an RV it is advisable to research campgrounds suitable for RV’s ahead of your trip. There is likely to be a small fee payable for utilising a site overnight however this still offers quite a saving in comparison to staying in a hotel.
  • Additional Amenities – There may be additional fees for the use of generators and propane plus you should also take into account the cost of purchasing groceries and kitchenware.

Chilling outside an RV

Finally, if you have never hired an RV before it is important to take into consideration the size difference from driving an ordinary vehicle as driving some RV’s can be compared to driving a bus or a small truck therefore you should ensure that you will be comfortable driving or towing an RV before hiring.

Is Hiring an RV a Perfect Family Adventure

There is no doubt that hiring an RV can offer a unique family adventure which will provide memories which will last a lifetime. Hiring an RV provides you with an opportunity for your family to hit the open road and have a fantastic independent holiday experience.

Like when planning most holidays, how great a time you have will be dictated by the planning you put in ahead of your trip. The same rule applies when applying an RV as you should ensure that you hire a RV which is suitable for your whole family and within budget whilst taking into account all potential additional costs.

Finally once, you have found an RV at RVshare.com which is perfect for your family there is only one more thing to do and that is to hit the great open road!

If you have any queries or comments regarding the above article, please feel free to leave your comments below and we will endeavour to come back to you.

One thought on “RV Holidays in America – With RVshare.com

  1. jaykaynigltd says:

    Lovely article! How much is cost of hiring RV per day? I think it’ll be a better option to use hotels with basic facilities which might be a lot more cheaper and with better security. The vehicles look lovely and very appealing but when you consider your security and that of your family especially your kids you will consider hotels. In general I think hotels will be better than the vehicles because of security and comfortability as well as cost! 

    1. Richard Leaver says:

      Thank you for comments jaykaynigltd,

      The cost of hiring and RV per day will be heavily dependent on the size and type of RV you wish to hire. There will also be other factors to consider such as the time of year you are hiring an RV, the length of time you wish to hire for and whether you are dropping an RV off at the same place you hire it from.

      As for security many campsites where you can park up for the evening are secure therefore you should be able to feel relaxed for the entirety of your trip.

  2. Ennymatics says:

    Holidaying in America is any man’s dream especially when you’ve never been there before but what could serve as an hindrance to you satisfying you’re dreams is the budget. With a recreational vehicle, you get to cut a lot of exoensee. What’s more interesting is that you get more fun using the recreational vehicle.

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