When planning your next holiday, one of the major choices you will have to make is what type of accommodation you wish to stay in. Your choice will largely be dependent on several factors including destination, what activities you wish to undertake whilst away and most importantly what your budget is.

In the past few years, renting a property when on holiday has become increasingly popular and more affordable than ever before and in the following article we will look at why you should choose a holiday rental for your next vacation with Homeaway.co.uk no matter what your circumstances are.

Renting a Property when on Vacation

As the world appears to get smaller due to cheaper air travel and increase in travel companies, the knock on effect has been an increase in the number of people renting properties on their holidays.

Whereas at one time renting a property abroad would create images of either a luxury villa in Florida or an apartment in sunny Spain, the market has broadened greatly as you are now able to rent properties such as barns, cottages, condos and even boats to enjoy your dream vacation.

When looking to rent a holiday home you are no longer just limited to the standard destinations in Florida or Spain. Instead, these days you can have access to potential properties in over 190 countries worldwide meaning that no matter where you wish to go for your next holiday you are likely to be able to rent a property that suits your needs.

Advantages of Staying in Your Holiday Rental Property

Having your own rental property in your dream location can be absolute paradise and there are so many advantages to enjoy such as:


If you choose to rent your own property on holiday, you are likely to find that you have a lot more space than you would in an ordinary hotel room. If travelling with young children this can be fantastic for the overall ambience as the kids will have plenty more space to run off some excess energy.

Dependent on your party size, it is also possible that you may have rented a property with more than one bedroom. This is brilliant if travelling with other family members as it means that every one can have their own bedroom as opposed to staying in a hotel where there can be a tendency for it to be a little cramped as everyone is on top of each other.

There is also a relaxed feel when staying in independent accommodation as everyone can get on with doing their own thing. For example one member of your family may want to chill by the swimming pool whereas another may want to grab a bite from the kitchen and relax in front of the television whilst the kids utilise the WIFI by playing on their tablets.

Cost Saving

Rather, surprisingly staying in rental accommodation on holiday can be much cheaper than staying in a hotel. Of course other factors affect the cost of your accommodation such as demand for the property, type of property, location and facilities on offer.

However for square footage you are likely to find a lot more value for money. Also, if you travel with friends or family there is opportunity to split the cost which will offer quite a saving as many rental properties charge an overall price for the property for the length of stay.

Staying in an independent property can also provide quite a saving in many other ways such as providing the convenience of being able to self cater for food as opposed to eating out all the time. It is also likely that the cost of car parking will be free and convenient at a holiday rental property whereas at some hotels an additional charge could be applicable.


When staying in rental accommodation especially one which is an independent building you are likely to be able to enjoy the luxury of tranquil surroundings away from everyone else.

This is not something you can guarantee when staying in a hotel as you can never quite guarantee who your neighbours will be and having your own property should increase your overall holiday experience.

What Do I Have to Factor in When Renting a Holiday Property

The first things you have to factor in when renting a holiday property is where you would like to go, how many people are going and what your budget is.

Once you have established that you can start to narrow down what kind of property you would like to rent such as a villa, apartment, cottage or something more unusual. From here you will be able to begin to explore the availability of any properties which match your criteria.

When looking at holiday rentals it is always important to check how many bedrooms there are, what cooking facilities are in the property, how many bathrooms plus additional facilities such as television, WIFI and pool. It is also worth confirming that bed linen and towels are included as there are a few out there where bed linen is not supplied.

Another check to carry out is whether there is an initial bond to put down ahead of your stay and when it is payable back to you at the end of your stay. It is also worth confirming that all gas and electric is included in the cost of your stay.

Finally, make sure you have a booking confirmation with the accommodation address and check whether there will be someone there to meet you or how you will access the property on arrival.

If you are travelling abroad to enjoy your holiday rental property then it maybe necessary to book a flight or rent a car for your holiday. For more information on how to find a cheaper flight please click here or if would like further information on the advantages of renting a car, please click here.

Why Choose HomeAway.co.uk

Homeaway.co.uk is the market leader when it comes to holiday rentals. They have many years experience in offering different types of holiday rentals whether it be beach houses, villas or apartments.

Homeaway.co.uk are extremely experienced in their field having been acquired by Expedia in 2015 they have helped over 2 million people find their dream holiday property in over 190 countries and operate in many countries around the world. Therefore, they have a wealth of experience which can assist you at all stages of booking your next dream holiday.

Overlooking the Sea

It should also be noted that if you have a property which you wish to list as a property rental then Homeaway.co.uk can also provide guidance and assistance in this area as well.

Is Renting a Place to Stay For Me?

Quite commonly the average traveller who takes advantage of holiday rentals is aged between 35 – 50 and travels in a group of 4 people of more. However, renting a property on holiday is for anyone regardless of age, gender or whether you are travelling independently of with family members.

The latest figures show that 82% of people who have rented a property are planning to do again. This is more than 8 out of 10 people who have already enjoyed a holiday rental and can’t wait to do it again.

Therefore, whether you are looking for a holiday villa or an apartment in a city, renting a property could be the perfect choice for you regardless of your circumstances so why not start your search for your dream holiday rental today at Homeaway.co.uk.

If you have any comments or queries regarding the above article feel free to leave your comments below and we will endeavour to come back to you.

One thought on “Why Should I Choose a Holiday Rental For My Next Vacation with Homeaway.co.uk

  1. Chris says:

    I do like hotel holiday packages, but I’ve always loved the idea of a rental holiday instead – making the whole experience more of a family holiday and group effort. 

    Like you say – holiday rentals will always offer you more independence overall and at the end of the day – this may even allow you to get more done in the area where you holiday. 

    How many times have you used a rental option for your holiday, and how did you find it?

    1. Richard Leaver says:

      Thank you for your comments Chris,

      I have used holiday rentals on many occasions and have rented all varying types of accommodation from lodges to apartments and villas. 

      As a family with small children we love the independence provided by hiring our own place for our holiday as you have more space for everyone to run round in. 

      It is also cost saving as you can provide your own food at times which are convenient to you plus if you are with fussy eaters you can rest assured that you can feed them something which you know they will eat.

  2. Jayde Butcher says:

    so many processes to booking a hoilday, this article is useful for reminding me, I would forget these little steps If I didn’t read this so thankyou. Im in need of a holiday so I will be back to your website before I book to make sure I do everything right and in enough time. 

    1. Richard Leaver says:

      Thank you for your comments Jayde,

      Preparation and research is key when planning for your next holiday in order to get the best available deal. If you are planning to travel by air it may be worth checking out our article on how to get Skyscanner – How To Get A Cheaper Flight to assist with your holiday preparation.

  3. Christine says:

    Thank you for sharing information on holiday homes rental.

    I like the idea of renting a house or apartment when on vacation. I always travel with family and it is cheaper for us to rent a house or apartment. It is more convenient and less costly when we have a kitchen to prepare our food. We have more space and having more fun 🙂

    1. Richard Leaver says:

      Thank you for comments Christine,

      You are exactly right and you have also mentioned the most important aspect of going on holiday which is to have fun!

  4. Tarun says:

    hi richard,

    good post about rentals. I never seriously considered them as I always thought to feel completely on holiday mode, 1 must stay in a hotel. Initially, just with the missus, I could afford the 4 or 5* hotels but now with 2 kids its come down to 3 stars or B&Bs;.

    correct me if im wrong but getting a rental is alot like AirBnB but for a longer a period? Would you know how much cheaper it is compared to a 3* hotel?

    1. Richard Leaver says:

      Thank you for your comments Tarun,

      Taking advantage of a holiday rental is very similar to AirBnB in that you are paying to stay in someone else’s property for your holiday. 

      Whether renting a property is cheaper than a 3* hotel will largely depend on the type of property you rent and how many are travelling in your party. As you will see from the Homeaway.co.uk website there is a lot of different types of properties to choose from which you may not get with a hotel.

  5. Sondra M says:

    Recently I watched the movie, “The Holiday” with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet.  Kate’s character lived in the U.K.  Cameron’s character lived in Los Angeles.  They switched houses for their Christmas vacations.    It was a fun movie. 

    The movie  made me realize that a holiday vacation could be a lot more charming if you stayed in a home versus hotel full of tourists.   

    So, thank you for  providing some tips on how to go about finding a holiday rental in the U.K.   After all, what they do in movies is not usually what happens in real life.   Great tips.   Thanks again.    

  6. victor lavaza says:

    Hello Richard. One of the reasons for me taking a vacation is that I can have a peaceful time with my loved ones away from the bustle and hassles of life. This inclines me to prefer renting property over booking myself and my loved ones into a hotel during for vacation. I will definitely book with HomeAway and will revert back to you with a feedback. Thank you for this information.Victor.

  7. Jojo says:

    Renting a house, cottage or appartment is really a great choice in many circumstances. Last time I travelled to Senegal (home country of my wife) we rented a big house at one of the biggest holiday districts in Senegal. We got ourselfes a huge house with plenty of room for all of us, we were 8 people and there was also a swimming pool which we shared with three other houses. All this for a price which was much lower then you would ever find in hotel. We also had more privacy, freedom and possibilites then we would have in a hotel.

    I really recommend it.

  8. victor lavaza says:

    Good day Richard. Thank you for this information. Among the reasons why I take vacations is so I can have a peaceful time with my loved ones away from the hassles of life. This inclines me to prefer renting property over booking myself and my loved ones into a hotel during for vacation. You have pointed me in the right direction. I will definitely book with Home Away and will revert back to you with a feedback. Thanks and best regardsVictor.

    1. Richard Leaver says:

      Thank you for comments Victor and please do return to me with your review of renting a property for your next holiday.

  9. Oana says:

    Hi, this is a very interesting article. Is this Home Away worldwide? Do they accept pets? I love travelling, and I am planning for this year to travel a lot. So, I am looking for any advice about accommodation, prices and anything for travel. Thank you for this article, it is very informative.

    1. Richard Leaver says:

      Thank you for comments Oana,

      Homeaway.co.uk are based worldwide and will happily provide you with advice of whether pets are accepted. This will largely be dependent on the property you select to rent as some owners will accept pets and some will not.

      Please also note that if travelling with pets there be an additional fee or bond payable but again this should be confirmed prior to booking.

  10. Lok Which says:

    This post really came at the right time because I’m going to be on vacation next month and I will be taking my family out to enjoy the holiday . I will have to rent a place to stay with my family . Reading this post has really informed me about the benefit of renting . I will check more into your website and book.

    1. Richard Leaver says:

      Thank you for your comments Lok, I hope the article assists with your choice of accommodation for your impending trip.

      Please feel free to check the rest of the website especially if you are looking for ways to obtain a Cheaper Flight or car hire for your upcoming holiday.

  11. Dhayours says:

    I’m going to be talking about this but from my own location. Over here, during festive seasons, prices of transport, accomodation, foodstuff etc. So its quite expensive going on vacations or holidays during festive seasons.

    You might say the vacations or holidays should be done some other time asides festive seasons, to minimize cost, but then again, schools in my country go on holidays only during festivals and the family holiday can’t happen without the kids. So the family is left with no choice but to prepare and pay the price. #storyofmylife

    1. Richard Leaver says:

      Thank you for your insightful comments Dhayours,

      Sometimes there is no way to get around holiday seasons and school terms however hopefully companies such as Homeaway.co.uk offer enough options to right type of accommodation to suit you and your families needs.

  12. Eran Bucai says:

    Hey Richard, I LOVED this blog. 

    It was really helpful, I never heard of this option and saved your article for when I am ready to start traveling again. 

    I travelled to Fiji, Mexico and the US in 2018. 

    This year there is 2 countries I will travel to, and accommodations are already taken care of….

    But after that, I’ll be sure to check out the options you recommended!

    Have you heard of REMOTE YEAR? Would love to get your thoughts about that program….

    1. Richard Leaver says:

      Thank you for your comments Eran,

      I have only heard of Remote Year in passing though what I have heard it sounds an amazing programme where one can escape the stresses of daily life to sample different cultures.

  13. Clement says:

    Thank you for this amazing post,i always fancy the hospitality and luxuries that comes with booking a hotel but I have never tried rentals.I have gained a lot from this post which includes hotel rentals is the best for family giving the space and independence. When the time comes for my vacation, I hope to come here to make more enquires. Thank you

  14. Denis says:

    Hi there,

    I have the tendency to book hotels when I travel, simply because it’s what I am used to doing.  But in this article, you point out so many advantages of renting out instead of booking a hotel that I might be changing my usual travel accommodation to a rental.  I especially like the much-improved available living space of renting versus a hotel.  And also the fact that you can use the kitchen facilities instead of relying on restaurants all the time.  I have checked out your recommendation of Home away and they have splendid destinations and accommodations.  

    I also like the idea of renting a boat!  So many choices!  Thank you for opening my eyes to this opportunity that I did not take advantage of before.  Will definitely be back for more!

  15. Paul says:

    Good Day, Richard.

    A pleasant and informative read. 

    Looks like you’ve covered all the bases. It was nice of you to include statistics. I’m comforted by the fact that 80% of the users would do it again. 

    195 countries is a lot of geographies, and I wonder if this experience covers the entire spectrum of countries. You didn’t mention much about security and I would consider this as primary.

    How can a customer explore this area in greater detail? 

    Of course, I understand that providing guaranteed security is nearly impossible, even if one’s National Forces were brought along. I’m thinking specifically about the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa, as examples, and I could include many others.

    My purpose is not to disparage this proven concept as I find it very appealing. As I’ve mentioned previously, you provide so much excellent detail that I will be including this concept in my next holiday adventure.

    What are the most common methods of payment?

    A deposit must be required, and if so what are the terms?


    1. Richard Leaver says:

      Thank you for your comments and questions Paul,

      Homeaway.co.uk covers most countries in the Middle East and Africa. The search option for properties in a specific area is fairly simple as you enter the name of the place you would like to stay. You will then be presented with a list of available properties in that area for your requested dates alongside a map of the area so that you can see where each property is located.

      With regards to security of the property you wish to rent, once you show an interest in a property you will have potentially 24 hours to ask any questions you wish of the property or landlord. 

      On many of the properties available there are also previous reviews which may assist you with your decision or it maybe worth contacting Homeaway.co.uk directly with your queries. 

      If you have concerns with security for a particular area in general it is well worth carrying your own research or maybe contacting the local embassy for further details regarding travelling.

      If you do not wish to pay the full amount of a booking at once then it is worth querying payment options with the property manager or owner of the property. Payments can also be made by both credit and debit cards. 

  16. Vwegba says:

    Hello there. Thank you so much for sharing your take on why I should choose a holiday rental for my next vacation with Homeaway

    I’m totally convinced by the reasons you have stated in this article; I totally agree with you. If I rent some Properties while on holidays, I’d be independent, would save some money and will also have peace of mind just as you have said.

    Homeaway is probably the best place to get these properties as they have the experience to provide me with satisfaction.

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