When travelling with young children under the age of 3 it can be a worry when turning up at hotels or apartments to see whether the bed will be suitable especially when your child is used to sleeping in a bed at home.

Often when staying in Southern Europe you will note that the floors are either made of marble or tile which can be a worry when your child is marauding around in the day time let alone when they are asleep. Therefore, this can be a real worry as you become concerned about the potential of your child falling out of their bed and hurting themselves.

We used to be the same and our stays away would often end up with us filling the floor with every spare pillow available especially if a cot is not suitable for your child. We then discovered the Lindam Easy Fit Bed Guard which has provided much relief on many of our stays away.

The Lindam Easy Fit Bed Guard is easy to take apart and assemble plus it adjusts to most bed sizes and it will definitely fit all bed sizes that your child will be staying in on your holiday. Since we have been using bed guard, our youngest child has not fallen out of bed once and it is easy to take away with you.

If you are travelling domestically or going on a road holiday then the Lindam Easy Fit Bed Guard should easily fit in the boot of your car (we recently hired a Nissan Juke and found that we could fit it in the boot along with a suitcase and a pram). If you are travelling abroad by plane then I can advise that the bed guard will also fit inside an ISAFE Large Single Travel Bag. So when you are storing your pram at check in at the airport, you can also comfortably store bed guard as well to save you carting around the terminal at an airport.


We would definitely recommend making the investment and travelling with the Lindam Easy Fit Bed Guard if you have any concerns regarding your childs safety at the destination you are travelling to.






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