If you have either a Jogger Citi Mini or Micro Buggy Travel Tote pram then the ISAFE Travel Bag will be the ideal accessory for you should you travel abroad.

With its spacious design and Velcro grip handles it is both easy to store your pram and transport around. We find the ISAFE Travel Bag when travelling abroad for many reasons:

– Its rectangular design enables you to easily pack your pram and transport it on an airport trolley

– It prevents your pram getting dirty

– If are transporting additional items such as bed guards, blankets or teddy bears you will be easily able to store these in your pram bag which minimises the luggage you carry as you try to relax in the airport terminal.

If travelling domestically the ISAFE Travel Bag is also a handy accessory to have as it can definitely assist with storage when packing the boot of your car and if your pram is dirty it prevents the dirt spreading onto other items in your boot.


We definitely recommend the ISAFE Travel Bag as a solution to transporting your pram abroad and domestically as it’s spacious convenient design enables you to comfortably store your pram as well as potentially further items. The item is also durable and can last you many years.

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