Why Choose Benidorm for a Budget Family Holiday

Situated just over an hours drive south of Valencia and within an hours drive of Alicante is the former small fishing village of Benidorm. These days Benidorm is a metropolis of skyscrapers, stunning beaches and many more attractions to keep the whole family entertained for the whole duration of your cheap family holiday and beyond. So just what does Benidorm have to offer a family on a budget break.

Benidorm Golden Sands


Terra Metica Theme Park

Situated on the outskirts of Benidorm is Costa Blanca’s tribute to the Ancient Civilisations of Greece, Rome and Egypt. Whether you are a thrill seeker or looking for something to accommodate small children then Terra Metica could be the Theme Park for you.

Within the Theme Park you can enjoy rides such as the Fury of Triton, Falls of the Nile or Labyrinth of the Minotaur plus many more. Offers for the Terra Metica Theme Park can either be found on their website, most hotels also provide discounted tickets and various outlets around Benidorm will also offer cheaper entry to the Theme Park.

Connected to Terra Metica Theme Park is also Iberia Park. Iberia Park itself consists of 12 rides and two arenas where you can watch shows at various show times. Two of the standout rides Iberia Park are the Rapids of Argos and the Rescue of Ulysses. There is also a swimming area so remember to take along your swimming costumes and joint tickets can be purchased for both Terra Metica and Iberia Park.

Terra Natura

Terra Natura is a huge zoological park situated inland from the Beaches of Benidorm and close to Terra Metica. Terra Natura is divided into 4 zones Pangea, America, Asia and Europa where you can discover animals from each of these regions as well as poisonous creatures. Particular highlights are watching and having the opportunity to feed elephants and wandering around the lion enclosures.

There are also various animal shows on throughout the day plus there is large outdoor play area for the children. For those travelling with small girls (or boys) there is also an opportunity to be dressed up as a fairy within the park. As with Terra Metica there are plenty of eating establishments around the park as well as picnic benches should you choose to bring your own food.

Feeding Elephants at Terra Natura

Terra Natura is also connected to the Aqua Natura Water Park which has its own beach and is designed for the whole family. Both parks are also supported by its own resort hotel the Magic Natura which is a Polynesian Beach resort 10 minute drive from Benidorm. For those who wish to stay at this hotel and travel into Benidorm the hotel offers a free shuttle bus to and from Levante Beach.


Back towards the heart of Benidorm and situated up a fairly steep hill opposite Benidorm Palace is the Mundomar Animal Park. Designed predominantly to keep children entertained this park will keep the whole family entertained for a fair few hours.

There are various animals to see within this park including Monkeys, Lemurs, Penguins and Parrots plus many more. There are also some fascinating shows to watch with the stand out one’s being the parrot show, sea lion show and the dolphin show.

As a tip if you are travelling with small children and would like your child to be in the Dolphin show then arrive early for the show and enquire with a member of staff whether your child can be part of the show. It is free of charge and around 3 children are normally chosen for a Dolphin experience they will never forget.

Mundomar Dolphin Experience

As Mundomar is high up on a hill it will also provide you with absolutely stunning views across Benidorm in particular the area around the Dolphin show. The park also contains a rather large outdoor play area for the little one’s to run round in should you wish to rest your own weary legs.


Aqualandia is a water park situated next door to Mundomar in the heart of Benidorm. It is not for the feint hearted as the park includes 22-metre vertical drop slide promising speeds of up to 100kph with many more white knuckle slides that will definitely keep the older kids entertained throughout the day.

There are also pools for the younger kids and for those who like life at a gentler pace then there are lazy river options. The park is only open during the peak season from mid May to the end of September however fr a fun filled family day out Aqualandia is a great place to visit.

For all the Theme Parks mentioned above you can purchase discounted tickets either directly from their website, directly from your hotel reception or from many outlets around Benidorm such as Roundtown or Bodega de Barrel.

Benidorm Palace

For nearly 40 years Benidorm Palace has been attracting visitors for a magical evening of dance, magic, humour and music. Benidorm Palace’s fantastic cabaret shows are advertised as being for the whole family however be aware that most shows start later in the evening therefore may not be suitable for small children

Benidorm Palace is situated at the Levante Beach side of Benidorm and prices for shows vary on the type of seat you purchase and whether you wish to include a meal in your experience. Benidorm Palace also offers different types of shows therefore to see what events are coming you can visit www.benidormpalace.com.

Please also note that some hotels within Benidorm offer free tickets for shows at Benidorm Palace if you book with them directly on their website and this is well worth looking out for if planning to make a trip to Benidorm Palace on your family holiday.

Tourist Bus Rides

If you are more of sightseer and more in keeping with a calmer pace of life then you may wish to ride various tourist transportation which operate around Benidorm. I say transportation as at last count there were three potential tours you could potentially enjoy including a hop on hop off bus, a miniature train which travels by road or an open tram.

All trips offer the opportunity to visit both the old town and new town as well as the Levante Beach and Pontiente Beach area. They are all good fun, informative and allow you to get familiar with the area and what is on offer to view.

Both the train and hop on hop off bus can be caught around the Avenue de Mediterraneo area of town which runs parallel with Levante Beach with the tram having two main stops outside the Sol Pelicanos and Gran Bali hotel. All are reasonably priced with train costing as little as 5 Euros per person and the tram costing 7 Euros per adult and 4 Euros for children.

Boat Trips

Situated at the point where Pontiente Beach meets Levante Beach is the Port of Benidorm. From here you take advantage of several boats trips. Trips on offer include a trip to L’illa (or Peacock Island to anyone from the UK) where you can take in stunning views of the Benidorm skyline with the towering mountains in the background.

Benidorm Boat Trip

Other potential trips include Calpe which travels along the coastline past Albir and Altea before reaching the seaside town of Calpe which is famous for its big rock. For the more adventurous there is also a full day boat trip to the beautiful scenic island of Tabarca and the Port City of Alicante. From here you will be provided with a couple of hours to either enjoy a leisurely stroll along the promenade or take a trip up Santa Barbara Castle.

Water Sports

Whether you like Water skiing, riding a pedalo, laying on inflatables in the sea or paragliding there is something for everyone on the beaches of Benidorm. Most of these facilities are available from early morning to late at night and can be booked at various booths around the promenade or on the beach.

Free Attractions

Levante Beach and Pontiente Beach

Benidorm is home to two stunning beaches both of which have beautiful promenades, golden sands, showers to bathe your feet, play areas for children and a hub of activity to get involved in such yoga clubs or visiting a library.

Levante Beach is in the more British area of the resort and it can be seen by the numerous British bars and cafe’s you will amble by whereas Pontiente Beach which is the larger of the two beaches and receives the most amount of sunshine has a more local feel to it.

Levante Beach at Night

At the point where Levante Beach meets Pontiente Beach there is a stunning cliff top which provides breathtaking views of both beaches. Feel free to take a stroll up to take in the ambiance and maybe even get a little drink or ice cream whilst at the top.

Benidorm Cross

Sitting high above Levante Beach is the Benidorm Cross which looks even more spectacular when lit up at night. A trip up to the cross is probably for the more fitness orientated family unless you have a permanently charged mobility scooter.

From the top you can take in some breathtaking scenes of Benidorm and the mountain ranges that provide a stunning backdrop.

Benidorm Old Town

Situated where Pontiente Beach meets Levante Beach is Benidorm Old Town, famous for its windy streets, tapas alley and many shops this area will keep you entertained for many an afternoon or evening.

Aiguera Park

Just a short stroll at the back of Benidorm’s old town is Aiguera Park. The park is long narrow park which runs all the way to the back of Benidorm and is famed for its Ampitheatre which contains a bust of Julio Iglesias who won a singing competition in Benidorm in the 1960s.

The park is free to enter and provides play areas for the children as well as also containing a bull ring where some of the most famous bullfighters in Spain have come to participate.

Valor Chocolate Factory

Something for all chocolate lovers and situated in the nearby town of Villajoyosa is the Valor Chocolate Factory. Offering tours in both English and Spanish, the museum is free to visit and you can see how handmade chocolate is made in person.

La Marina Shopping Centre

Situated near Terra Natura and Terra Metica Theme Parks on the outskirts of Benidorm is the La Marina Shopping Centre. The La Marina Shopping centre contains many of your mainstream stores as well as cinemas, restaurants and a mini theme park for small children on the roof top terrace.

There is ample parking at the shopping centre if travelling by car or you can catch a bus which costs around 1.50 Euro per person per journey you make.

Accommodation and Eating Out

If there is one thing Benidorm is not short of, it is places to sleep and eat out. Regarding accommodation there is something for everyone and all budgets whether your preference self-catering in an apartment, staying in a hotel on a bed and breakfast, full board basis or if you are looking for an All Inclusive stay.

The choice is endless though and many hotel reviews can be found on websites such as Trip Advisor, Trivago or the Benidorm Seriously page. For me travelling with two young children I will always look for which hotels have the best facilities for children such as kids entertainment and swimming pool.

Regarding eating out there are so many places to eat you will be spoilt for choice. In the old town there is the option to sample traditional Spanish Tapas or in the Levante Beach area you can sample a full English Breakfast or Sunday Roast. There is also a wide range of Chinese, Italian or Indian restaurants to sample with the Chinese restaurants in particular offering excellent value for money.

Mountains behind Benidorm

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Can you have fun in Benidorm on Budget

When it comes to a memorable family holiday away the words Benidorm and budget go hand in hand. With an endless amount of entertainment on offer to keep everyone satisfied for the whole duration of your stay and you never know once you’ve visited once you may just want to return again and again.

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  1. mzakapon says:

    Hi this is a great article with lot’s of information about cheap family holiday to Benidorm. Actually I would not even know about this opportunity if I did not read your article. I have two kids and my wife is interested to travel somewhere with them. We are planning for a trip with budget and I think this article will help us and I am going to bookmark it for future reference. Thanks  for sharing this information with us.

  2. MattMogul1 says:

    Wow! would have never expected this place to have a mini Universal Studios-esk vibe to it! It’s amazing to see what some of the attractions Benidorm has to offer. It seems like some of the most beautiful places on this planet are located near the well known vacation getaways, like Greece, and Egypt, so it would make sense that this little fishing village would pay tribute to places like that! Cool blog post!

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Tsquare says:

    Great information about Benidorm. Yes this is a place one can plan to visit on budget One is assured of maximum level of entertainment. Its a place one can visit with his family this holiday season. Its good to know that one can get considerably cheap accommodation with getting good food to eat. What educational training and exposure can children of age between 5 and 10 years get if they come to Benidorm on holiday?

    1. Richard Leaver says:

      Thank you for comment Tsquare,

      There are many educational activities young children can enjoy if they visit Benidorm including Terra Natura which is a local zoo with hundreds of animals to discover or Mundomar to learn about sea life and creatures such as dolphins and penquins.

      There are also many boat trips to discover local islands which are nature reserves plus many hotels offer kids clubs which includes activities such as crafts. In addition to this there is also an opportunity to learn Spanish from the locals.

  4. Joseph Stasaitis says:

    Thank you for this detailed article on this seaside village in Spain.  Seems like there is plenty to do for both children and adults.  So many attractions to see.

    The boat trip sound extremely interesting in being able to visit the surrounding area.  Good to know that accommodations and restaurants are plentiful.

    Sounds great to have fun on a budget.

  5. Barbara says:

    Do you want a money saving vacation for the whole family? If so, this is the article to read, and read very carefully. There are oceans of things to do, so much that the kids won’t even have time to say, “I’m bored!” I’ve taken one of those  Caribbean four day cruises and it was nice, but this leisurely trip to Benidorm sounds even better.  The best part is that there are so many family and kid oriented things to see and do. Great article.

    1. Richard Leaver says:

      Thank you for your comments Barbara,

      Benidorm is definitely a great place to visit for the whole family and there is something for everyone no matter what their age or gender.

  6. Robert Trevor says:

    This site seems to offer a great variety of actvities for the whole family. There are two Theme parks, a Zoo, and a Water park, with a beach,

    There is also the Mundomar animal park, with many animals and activities, designed for Children.

    Benedorm palace near the Levante beach has many shows of various types eg.cabaret,dancing. It is advertised for the whole family, however the shows start a bit late, so it is really for adults,

    There are many other trips for the family, such as bus, tram ,and a minature train,Which operate in the Avenue de Mediterraneo, area of town near Levante beach.

    There are many beaches and attractions,such as a Chocolate factory, and a Shopping centre.

    Eating out is a problem !!!    There are endless choices, of every culinary art, that you can think of,   English, Chinese, Italian,with a choice of prices to suit every pocket,Wonderful.(I could just wish to be able to go.)

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